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Easter Genealogy

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                         Happy Easter

                     East             Passover
                     Estrus           Lupercalia
                     Spring           Saturnalia
                     Revival          Ramadan
                     Egg              Carnival
                     Fasting          Mardi Gras

The meaning of Easter is found in several word clusters:	

Easter Egg- yoke - are symbols of life
zygote matrimony gem and gemini

Levant - associated with sunrise
lift and light

Easter - East - Estrus - Estrogen - Rebirth - Spring
Paskha or Pascua or Paschal ...
Passover was marked by the blood of a
Paschal lamb 
Ramadan - Annual fast practiced by Mohammedans
Moses Jesus and Elijah fasted for 40 days

Fasting - Implies firm or fast as well as
a resting or inactive bowel or jejunum

Lent - from lento 
       longer days  more sunshine 
       A period of fasting before Easter
       sp  Cuaresma = 40 days of fasting or Lent
       ukr Pist     = fasting
       sp  ayuno    = same
          yeyuno    = jejunum or bowel
        desayuno    = breakfast

Shrove         - formerly it denoted fasting
Shrove Tuesday - or
Mardi Gras     - last feast day of
Carnival       - when King Felix and King Momus
                 stand for Happiness and Mocking.
Saturnalia     - Roman Carnival
Lupercalia     - Romans chose February 15th for this fertility feast
                 now Saint Valentine's Day
February       - the name denotes a season for purification rites.

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