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Esculapius (Medicine) between Mercury (Merchants) and the Graces (Medicine, Hygiene and Panacea)
Esculapius dealt with Patients - Merchants make deals with Clients
Esculapius is linked with a Constellation of Idealistic Medical Ideas
Mercury or Hermes is linked with Hermaphroditism and Mercantile Mercenary views
Perhaps the single serpent on the Esculapian Caduceus represents one word or truth
Perhaps the two serpents on the Caduceus of Hermes represent the duality in "deals" or "caviat emptor"

Engraved before 1811 from an original in the then Museum Pio Clemens in Rome (in Galerie
Mytholgique, Recueil de Monuments par A. L. Millin, Paris 1811).

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