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Fat Oil Lipid Obesity Adiposity
Consuming our own species is cannibalism. Depicted are the sisters Procne (Prokne), and Filomela (Philomela) who served Itis (Itys), their son and nephew, as dinner during a banquet hosted by Tereus, his father. (Rubens)
This overview is concerned with FAT, OBESITY, GREASE, LIPID, SUET, OIL and ADIPOSITY. The subject is also reviewed in overviews concerned with NUTRITION, NURSING, FOOD, SWALLOW, BEVERAGES, BABY, IMBIBE, DRINK and ALCOHOL.
Perhaps street urchins in ancient Seville may have had a more normal life than those living in modern urban slums. (Murillo)

To better convey the ideas inherent in such words, this overview also relies on a generous number of icons of classic paintings.

It may be fallacious to assume that street children today are better fed than street urchins in times of the Spanish Monarchy. (Murillo)

FATTY NUTRients and LIPID vitamins are essential for good health. Without sufficient ADIPOSE or fatty tissues, humans "PINE away" as if to underscore the role of the PINEAL and other endocrine glands which are fatty in appearance. Furthermore, actuarial tables show that being underweight poses a greater death risk than being overweight to a similar degree. However, rather few people are underweight in proportion to those who are overweight. In fact, OBESITY is reaching epidemic proportions in the USA.

Grease, gross, crass, are some of the related terms that underscore the penchant for people to abuse those who are obese.(Ringling Circus Museum)

GRAsa in Spanish means GREase. Those who GORge may become fat or GORdo and loose the GRAce. In fact, EnGORged women are likely to store the BUTTer they eat in their BUTT and cease to be GORGeous. To be fair to linguists, it must be acknowledged that GORDO and GORGE do not share the same roots. Gorge points to gargle, gargantuan and GARGanta or throat in Spanish.

Some artists depicted mostly stout or obese people. (Botero) - (Duplessis)

STEATO in Greek also means fat which points to STEATOpygia for fat BUTTocks as if to remind women not to "pig out" on food.
Eating BUTTER may help to BUTTress the BUTT or BUTTocks. (Lautrec) Some women made a better living because they could be called callipygian. (Chasseriau)

It is self evident that FAT or GREASE repel water. It is also true that some people are strongly repelled by FAT or OBESE people. The social OBstacles faced by OBese persons may be rooted in history. GREASE in Latin is CRASSUS, a term that also stands for CRASS, COARSE and even CRAP. OBEDERE, OBESUS, OBID and OBIDA, Latin and Ukrainian words for eating, obesity, supper and offense thus underscore the potential of eating becoming sinfully pathological.
Steatopygous (fat buttocks) figurines were popular among the ancients. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

It is true that OBesity may, on rare occasions, arise from genetic defects, Prader Willi Syndrome for instance. In any case, most instances of OBESITY are due to OBSESSIVE eating or essen in German.
Occasionally obesity is "organic" because of genetic, endocrine or other regulatory disturbances. (British Museum) Obesity is common among dwarfs.  (British Museum)
Some instances of obesity may be due to alterations of chromosome 15. (Miranda)

EATing consists of chewing or MASTication or grinding or MILling EDible foods into a MEAL. SWALLOWing or inGESTing a meal usually is followed by its diGESTion. Some foods are more diGESTible than others and some would refer to the best as EDAtious.

Stout Mouse (San Antonio Museum of Art)   Obese Dog
Fat Cat (Field Museum)

In Spanish eating and dinning room are COMEr and COMEdor. Perhaps the presence of DIN in DINing implies that in England COMEstibles were consumed in noisy places.

Physicians describe skin "blackheads" as COMEDO. Skin SEBAceous glands can become clogged with accumulated SEBUM or SUIT. The tip of the plug of sebum obstructing sebaceous skin glands can turn black or remain white, giving rise to the descriptive terms for this sort of skin pimples as "white head" or "black head". Another disorder of SEBAceous skin glands is SEBOrrhea, a term to describe "greasy skins" from an excess of excreted SEBO or SUIT.

For those who love BUTTer, it is prudent to remember that instead of looking like BUTTERflies they may BUTTress their BUTT.

A callipygian gluteal region or attractive buttocks have more to do with avoiding gluttony and a glut of adiposity than with calisthenics. (Fegnault)

For those who love oil, it is prudent to consider that good oil is made from OLIves. The OLIve tree is sacred to those who remember that it was Athena's gift to humanity - it is the emblem of her victory over Poseidon. Since then, an OLIve branch is given to victors of OLYmpic games as a gesture "let it be peace", because wars had to cease during these games.

An ancient oil lamp underscores that Oils and fats are combustible and are fuels. (Vatican Museums)

To close, it is well to remember that OBesity can be an OBstetric OBstacle and that it is best to OBide prudence and not to OBEDERE or eat in excess. This dictum should be easier for Ukrainians to obey since for them OBid and OBida mean supper and offense, thus should remind them that GLUTtony is a cardinal sin.

Many obese people go through hell while alive and do need to be reminded of damnation. (Rubens)

- Compiled by W. Wertelecki, M.D.

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