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Diatribe Diagnosis Diabolic Tribulate Triturate

I sent Mr. X core ideas in 
DIA TRIBE but ... the answer was not
DIAphanous and perhaps it was
DIAbolically cryptic. My 
DIAry records the 
DIAmeter or caliber of how 
DIAmetrical the answer needs to be to become 
DIAgnostic -- the emphasis on 
DIA does imply " TO GET THROUGH ". Regarding
TRIBe it is another matter and it is a source of 
TRIBulation because it has to do with
TRITura which has to do with TO CRUSH like
TRIPsin crushes or digests our food.

To avoid being 
conTRITe please explore ideas in


In fact, we did a MedWord play on the above 
subject. Please explore
Tremble, Trismus, Tremor, Trepanate ...|


Mr. Y asked what were the ideas in 

Ideas in vernacular or slang words often are not 
obvious as in this instance -- some say 
(unconvincingly) that 
KIDNEY conveys the idea of "shaped like an egg".
Note that much of Europe adopted
NEPHROS which conveys ideas related to making 
water with has to do with 
NEPTUNE. In Ukrainian, a kidney is called
NERKA. Later, Romans popularized the word
RENAL which in Spanish is 

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