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The contents and text format for Pandora's Word Box are different from works compiled for printed media. The format used was chosen to facilitate computer cruising across contents and to elucidate links based on ideas contained in different words. In this regard we emphasize the genealogy of ideas rather than pure etymology.  In addition to a global WordServer (search engine), there are variants that can be used to emphasize mythology, medicine, history, literature, etc.

Cruising is possible using PageUp, PageDown, and arrow keys. Another way of navigating is to use a the WordSearcher (a standard component part) by selecting a word (as a main entry or anywhere or a root of a word) to jump, navigate or weave from one word-idea to another; an example of "word weaving" starting with "fear" is given below. Other examples are found in the page "Word a Day" or "Sample Word-Ideas".

Word Weaving is used here to denote a process of interlacing ideas. Weaving using a word-idea may open paths reflecting various meanings or innuendoes. "Fear" may lead to "consternation", "claustrophobia" or it may lead to show a dichotomy between "Epicurean" and "Christian" in regards to "fear" and "death" or "fear of God". Other paths opened by "Fear" may relate to anger, phobia, catharsis or Mythology (Phea, Mars).

To search for words, three modes may be used
(NOTE: all are case insensitive, one mode is blank insensitive)

  • Exact and Main Entry ONLY will find the exact entry
  • Exact Occurrence Anywhere will find a word present anywhere (exact).
  • Partial Matches Anywhere will find a letter sequence in any word anywhere (note that this mode is blank insensitive)
  • Exact Matches bypass minor variants (plural etc)
  • Partial Matches generate the most "hits"
  • Examples of Searches for "Logic"

  • Exact search for a "main entry" for logic finds ~ LOGIC (~ precedes main entries).
  • Exact search for word LOGIC finds LOGIC anywhere (exact matches only).
  • Partial match search for LOG will search for LOG* or *LOG or *LOG* (* standing for any characater including blank) will find LOGical cataLOG or bioLOGic.
  • The contents in the Pandora's Word Box were compiled in a style to facilitate computer searching. Relatedly, the format adopted displays:
  • main text in CAPS
  • text of lesser importance in LOWER CASE
  • tags are given in lower case (pull list by using help key F4)
  • special characters and accents are avoided as much as possible
  • therefore . , ; : - _ ` ' are rarely seen