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An Extract from Pandora's Wordbox

Presently, we face a provocative situation!
STRange as it may seem, it 
STRains my imagination that linguists 
conSTRict our views and seem to fail to 
STRess or 
STRing into a common 
STRain the ancestry of ideas in 
OAK and

Consider! In old Norse
EIG is OAK and
EITHR is OATH or in German
EID is for OATH 
As if the above is not enough
PERUN is a key Slavic deity akin to
ZEUS - to both deities, the 
OAK is sacred and both are "thunderers". 
Furthermore, then as now, humans taking 
OATHS call upon key God or Gods 
to witness the truth. 
By Jove, I swear I just remembered, 
ZEUS is the "oath keeper"!
Before you voice your doubts consider exploring 

It is noteworthy that
OAK trees, particularly the variety 
TANNA growing in northern Europe are a source of
TANNIN mostly used to 
conSTRict hides during
TANNING by utilizing the 
TANNIC acid and its 
aSTRingent properties for 
conSTRicting protein bonds. Note that
Chornobyl reminds us how radiation
solar or nuclear does 
TAN skin which may remind racists of 
TAWNY - a label for people with
TANNED like or "BROWN" skin. 

Words alike to animals or people belong to 
STRains. It is not 
STRange and it is worth 
STRessing that non-paternity has 
STRangled some speculations by 
genealogists and linguists alike.
You are welcome to check how 
STR gives rise to such a peculiar 
STRing of words including
aSTRingent which we link with 
| STRain | | aSTRingent | | TANNIC |

STRaightaway, I must conclude. 
Adieu, Adios, so long. 

W. Wertelecki, M.D.
Copyright 1994, 1997
All rights reserved


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February 12, 2001