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Francisco Lezcano (Enlarged)

 La meridienne ou La Sieste (Enlarged) 

BASTARD, some say, has to do with BARN activities.

Old German BANSTI  =  GRANARY or BARN  
Consider                           barley, barnacle, ...

BARNS convey ideas of STALLS or STABLE (and if you 
like to go further; seed, seminal, semen, seminary ...) 
In any case, in past centuries, BASTARD implied a 
PATERNITY of some distinction (Kings, Popes, and others 
recognized many "bastards" as their own). With mercantilism 
or materialism if you like, morality views shifted and 
the punishment and stigma for objectionable paternity acts 
was redirected away from perpetrators (father) toward the 
victim, the child. 

Ideas linked to the French Revolution and General Bonaparte, 
later Emperor Napoleon, framed the French legal position 
that investigating non paternity was illegal. However, 
English law remains focused on property rights. Currently, 
non-paternity DNA tests are a growing business. Nearly 10% 
of the population (if tested) could be proven to be "bastard". 
In contrast, non-maternity is rare and easier to test. 
Notably all mitoCHONDRIAL or mtDNA is solely transmitted by 
mother to offspring. All humanity (theoretically) could be 
traced to the mtDNA of Eve. Note that CHONDRIA, as in 
aCHONDROPLASIA is an interesting word idea.

 Las Meninas (Enlarged)

El bufon don Sebastian de Morra (Enlarged)

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"To call forth a Concept
a Word is needed.
To portray a Phenomenon
a concept is needed.
All three mirror one and the same Reality"
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Traite Elementaire de Chemie, 1789

Lavoisier discovered oxygen but ...
in the name of the French Proletariat his oxygen supply was cut off ...
he was guillotined in 1794 along with 27 others ...
Note his portrait with his charming wife (four years before his murder)

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